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At Living Hope Church you belong, no matter where you are on your journey with God. We are a group of friends and neighbors that share a faith in Jesus Christ and grow together as we learn from the Bible, serve the community, and do life together. We support each other when life is hard and we celebrate with each other in times of joy. We invite you to join us.


No matter what life season you are in, the ministries here at Living Hope Church are designed with you, your family, and your personal growth in mind. Plug in as much as you want to, but don't feel obligated to do everything. Church is about each of us connecting and growing at our own pace as the Lord leads.


Our staff is dedicated to serving in the areas God has called them. They, along with our Leadership Team, work to shape the vision and direction of Living Hope Church in a way that positively impacts individuals, families, and the community at large.


We are a Bible believing, non-denominational church. We warmly welcome you to explore our mission and doctrine. You are also invited to share your own story and perspective when you participate with us. We encourage authentic, transparent lives. None of us has "arrived" -  we are all growing together, aiming to love like Jesus Christ modeled for us.


Living Hope Church has a rich history in Livingston, Montana. Learn more from our linked archives if you're a history buff!




Dr. Shad Durgan

Shad Durgan has been our Pastor at Living Hope Church since 2009. He has a BA in English Literature from the University of Sioux Falls, a Master in Divinity from Sioux Falls Seminary and a Doctorate in Education from the University of South Dakota. Shad has been involved in ministry for most of his life. During Seminary he began working as the Assistant Campus Pastor at the University of Sioux Falls. After Seminary he continued that role and was highly involved in many types of campus ministries.

In 2008, Shad and his wife Patti, along with their three sons, felt called by God to work directly in church ministry. They both agreed if they were going to work in the church that they would love to work in Montana. In God’s beautiful providence they were blessed to be able to move to Shad’s home and the place where they met, Livingston, Montana. Shad thoroughly enjoyed the blessing of working with his father for several years before his retirement.

With Pastor Shad’s leadership, Living Hope continues to be a church of Gospel, Growth, and Grace. We believe we have good news that people in Livingston need to hear (Gospel). And we believe as we hear that good news we will grow personally (Growth). As we live our lives together, we believe that it is our calling to be gracious to ourselves and everyone we meet. Grace, Grace, Always Grace.

His wife Patti is the principal of Winans Elementary School.


Leadership Team


Our Leadership Team is responsible for the spiritual leadership of the church. Our 2023 team of leaders are Jane Gardner, Dave Noble, Rochelle Moody, and Jim Simmons.


Gospel. Growth. Grace.

  • To glorify God by providing opportunities to gather as a family of believers for worship, teaching and studying the Word of God, prayer, communion, and fellowship;

  • To equip all believers to become spiritually mature;

  • To take the gospel of Christ into all the world; and

  • To be balanced in all things by using the Holy Bible as our only rule of faith and practice.

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