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Spiritual Gift Assessment

This is a free gifts test available to anyone that considers Living Hope Church their place of worship. The test itself only takes 10-15 minutes to complete, just make sure you allow time to give thoughtful answers. We encourage you to take the test ONLINE, but you can also download and print a physical copy at the bottom of this page. The physical test will require you to complete the manual scoring, which can be time-consuming.               


Follow the steps below to complete your assessment online and get the results delivered to your email address.

  • Use this button to register (A new tab will open in your browser on the test website - use the instructions below to get started):

  1. At the top of the form, select:  O "Individual"

  2. Complete your personal information and create a password.

  3. Answer the question, "What tests do you want to take?" by selecting:  O "Free Spiritual Gifts Test With Results"

  4. Input the Access Code 1CED6A and hit "APPLY"  (This allows you to take the test free with Living Hope Church. Note: The first digit of the Access Code is a ONE.)

  5. Complete the Captcha box, which is some squiggly letters; it simply proves your are a human and not a computer automation.

  6. Hit SUBMIT at the bottom right of the screen.

  7. You will be taken to a personal Account Page. Scroll down until you see the test icon (as shown in the screenshot below) and click on it to start your test.

spiritual gifts1.jpeg

Click THIS Icon to start the test

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